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A page that explains how to play backjack, including basic rules and strategy that players should employ in order to give themselves the best chance to win. How to Play Blackjack (with Cheat Sheets) - wikiHow...
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6 deck blackjack strategy chart Six deck black jack. You can play up to 3 hands. It is actually equal to the odds of Atlantic City 6-Deck Blackjack...
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Source for casino gambling books and winning gambling systems. Winning consistently on slot machines is one of the most difficult things you...
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Investigating a New Orleans man for allegedly smuggling 33 slot machines. Top slot machines 2014 slot machine tips.

Theres a online lot of history in this Telecaster! Issue 241. April 23, 2015, how to install six-in-line tuners, six tuners lined up perfectly straight, and no chips in the finish.
Issue 247, july 30, 2015, regluing a Rickenbacker fretboard, did you know you can tap the truss rods right out of a Rickenbacker neck?
Issue 218 June 05, 2014 Chopping the ends off bridge pins If you're not careful, installing new strings can create a problem that throws you out of tune or damages your bridge pin holes.
She has some fret buzz due to worn frets that are flat and wide. Dan shows how a little leveling and filing got her playing again.
Issue 220 July 03, 2014 Whip tip tips! Whip tips are for pinpoint gluing. These are skinny little tube-tips, but sometimes you want them even skinnier.