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The IR will be for players who are out or projected to be out for at least 2 games most likely, and they will be designed as O as opposed to DTD. The iPad mini uses...
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The m premium service, Club Pogo, offers players a variety of VIP features including exclusive games, no ad interruptions, private chat and avatars. If you go to BadgeHungry, you can get BadgeHungry free Pogo tokens to...
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The excitement of Vegas is now wherever you go. How to Beat the odds and win on casino slot machines...
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People always say "late." Are they talking around midnight, after 10pm or early morning hours? If the RNG is the factor, what difference would it make?
Best of luck in and out of the casinos, John, hi John, Two questions: What is the best time of day to play slots?
Getting the slot-playing experience you desire is the way to win at the slots. We can't always walk away with more money than when we started, so we have to ensure that we at least have.
The payouts on additional coins per line are just straight multiples of the one-coin payout on most of these machines, so there's no advantage to playing more than one coin per line.
Some games give you lots of small payments and some give fewer, larger payouts. If you like to have lots of tray money to keep you playing, go for machines that hit frequently.
This money should come from your entertainment budget, and not the rent or food budget. Second, play the games that you like to play.
That said, I don't enjoy playing a machine that rarely hits best the bonus round. I like the Mikohn slots a lot because I like machines that require some skill.
My favorite Mikohn game is Ripley's Believe It or Not because I know a lot of useless information. I also like Scrabble, even though there is no skill involved.
On the few occasions I've played 5 machines, I played straight multipliers. On a straight multiplier, I could bet one coin per spin and know I was getting the highest hit frequency and payback possible on.