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There are a number of professions in World emulator of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, but only a few of them are gold making professions. As the game advances different professions come and go in demand.
Cons, requires camping at your garrison to put in Work Orders. Requires a ton of garrison resources to make your tailoring / blacksmithing / leatherworking hut awesome.
You can ease the pain with your free item transmute each day. However, think of it like baking artsian bread. Sure, it takes way longer, but it's way better.
Cons, you're a rock star. Expansions don't matter, because everybody needs jewels. Printing money gets tiring. So, basically, like enchants everyone needs gem cuts.
Key Changes: Herbalism is no longer #1, due to the fact that the Tillers farm / Garrison herb garden has all but crashed the herb market.
Alchemists are swimming in herbs and rarely, if ever, need to source outside of their farm. So it's coming off of the list, however, I want to point out that gathering is kinda profitable.