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Sure enough, the toe-dipping has already begun by some states, including Oregon. That worries problem-gambling experts, who say easy access helps drive addiction. What appears to be known is, as the opportunity to gamble increases, more.
Its unclear, he says, slot whether online gambling would worsen an already bad problem. The state is an operator and profiter, he says. It has an ethical and economic obligation to learn the answers to some of.
On one hand, online gambling offers the possibility of better controls on who gambles and how much, he says. On the other, its just another easy-to-use platform for gamblers at risk of addiction.
Gov. John Kitzhaber, who appoints the Lottery Commission and its director, takes a hard line against Oregon entering the online gambling market. I wouldnt support it, Kitzhaber says.
To the extent I have the levers to say No, I would use them. But Kitzhabers distaste for gambling as a state revenue source hasnt always kept a lid on the Oregon Lottery.
Were on the verge of a dangerous position. New Jersey began offering various forms of Internet gambling this week, although it uses private casinos rather than the state lottery.