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All you gonna have is lines about fashion and some gay shit Your faggotry is. Mathilda: about Russian roulette If I win, you keep me with you for life. Don t become one of those horror stories of winners who took the money in a lump sum. While it s fun to daydream about it, winning a lottery fortune comes with risks.

Enter for 100 and write how winning a house will change your life, and. Contest For Change awards the money winner with a house that has been donated with the mortgage and taxes already paid.
It helped that she had clear-cut goals: to pay off their debt and build their dream home. They also assembled a team that consisted of a financial advisor and accountant to help them get there.
He was a project manager at an engineering firm. Yet, over the years, the two had racked up a significant amount of debt. "We would have qualified for those commercials you hear about drowning under credit.
Another is to be careful about investments, making sure to seek expert advice because "the bigger the lottery win, the bigger the potential loss from making bad investments or decisions he says.
"I won the house because I bought the ticket for a charity, and I sold it to another charity says McHale. "It was a win-win for all involved.".
Anthony Broccoli, anthony Broccoli has been lucky all his life. The owner of Brock's Collision Center Auto Repair shop in Warwick, Rhode Island, plays the lottery a lot and he wins a lot.
"When we lived in the old house in East London, we were paying under 3.83 a day in property taxes he says. "When we left the dream home, the property taxes were around 20 a day.
They were able to pay off their debts, move out of their trailer and into a home he designed. They even socked some savings away.