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13f. What movies are part of the "In the Line of Duty" series? 13g. What movies are part of the "Young and Dangerous" series?
8n. Is there a site that offers reviews of VCDs? 8o. Are VCDs subtitled? 8p. How can I tell if a VCD is subtitled?
Local (Chinatown) shops 3b. Big chain stores 3c. Internet sites 3d. Mail order 3e. Gray market 3f. Tape trading 3g. Pirating/bootlegging 3h. Soundtracks 3i.
Are VCDs copy protected? 8f. I can't figure out how to play VCDs on my computer. 8g. My computer freezes when I try playboy to play VCDs.
How are the ratings determined? 5f. How are the ratings enforced? 5g. When was the rating system started? 5h. Why was the rating system started?
14h. Is there something like the Oscars for Hong Kong movies? 14i. So what does "old school kung fu" really mean? 14j. How do you play those drinking games that happen in movies?
How did Brandon Lee die? 11i. Were there really Shaolin fighting monks? 11j. Was there really a Wong Fei-Hung? 11k. How much is a Hong Kong dollar worth?
I figured if crappy bands and lousy TV shows get their own FAQs, why not Hong Kong movies? Basically, this is meant to be a starting guide for newbies, reading material for the chronically bored, or.
Quentin Tarantino 12d. Miramax/Dimension 12e. Xenon/Arena 12f. Godfrey Ho/Joseph Lai 12g. Paul Fonoroff 12h. Ric Meyers 13. Distribution/versions of films 13a. My copy of this film is shorter than it should be.