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The woman with the most pacifiers or safety pins at the end of the shower wins a prize. For a variation, tell guests play they cant cross their legs instead of telling them they cant say baby.
3) Head Artist. Give each guest a pen or pencil and a paper plate, and have them place the plate on their head. When you say go, have each guest draw the best picture of a.
Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and have each guest tear off a piece according to how big around she thinks the new Moms tummy is.
This game is extremely challenging, but some guests are really good at it! The best drawing of a baby earns a prize. 4) The Toilet Paper Game.
Any guest who hears someone else say the word baby can call her out. If shes the first one to do so, she gets that womans pacifier or safety pin.
As for prizes, do guests have to give them all to Mommy? You might have heard this rule, and wondered about it. The answer is: absolutely not!