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Also version of Greek Athena. Godess of war and Wisdom Girl Greek Cayleigh Pure Meadow: party: slender: Girl Greek Celena The Moon. Girl Greek Charissa Hope Girl Greek Chloe Blossoming Girl Greek Christianna Same as Christina/Christopher.
Girl, greek. Alissa, pretty, girl, greek. Alysa. Princess. Variant of Alyssa, Alissa, Alisa. Girl, greek. Alysia, possesive, girl, greek. Anastasia. Resurrection, girl, greek. Apollonia, gift from Greek god apollo.
Girl Greek Cailey Lark, musical one. Girl Greek Calidan Alternate Spelling of: Calydon, Caledon. Boy Greek Calista Beautiful. Girl Greek Calix Very Handsome, Chalise.
Alternate Spellings: Xander, Xane, Zane. Boy, greek. Alexys, variant of Alexus, Alexx, Alexxa, Alexandra, Alexxis, Alexis, backgammon Alexya, Alexyea, Alexyia, Alexys, Alexyss: Protector of mankind.
Boy Greek Calliah Beautiful Girl Greek Calliope Calliope (also spelled Kalliope) was the Godees of Epic Poetry. Also the name of the musical piano for carnicals.
Strong. Girl, greek. Ares. God of War, boy, greek. Ariadna, daughter of Minos. Girl, greek. Arianna, holy, girl Greek Athena Goddess of wisdom and warfare.
Name Meaning Gender Origin, adrial, boy, greek. Alayla, war goddess. Girl, greek. Aleksandrya, helper and defender of mankind. Girl, greek. Alexander. Protector of Mankind.
Girl Greek Callista Beautiful Girl Greek Calysta Most beautiful. Alternate Spelling: Calista. Girl Greek Carissa Beloved. Girl Greek Cassandra-Abigail The meaning of Cassandra is is insightful and Abigail is Joyful so the meaning would be insightful.