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And whereas the Wire Act modestly limits its scope to transmissions in interstate or foreign commerce, Kyls bill targets any messages sent over a computer service connected to the Internet.
A lobbying free-for-all apparently followed. Now, the problem is that once that was done others wanted into it, and the bill contains a similar exception for dog racing, which is also dependent on wagering.
Unsurprisingly, some politicians want to restrict Internet gambling. Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) claims that online gaming lets you click the mouse and bet the house.
If I choose to be a chooch and spend my money here unwisely, its my choice, she writes. But if a potent coalition of lobbyists and politicians gets its way, neither Angel nor any other American.
When Angel mother, wife, and self-described patriotic Italian-American feels like unwinding, she heads to the bingo parlor. But Angel (not her real name) avoids the local churchs game: She game doesnt like the smoke, and besides, The.
For Angel, the nearest bingo parlor waits on just the other side of an Internet connection. Like an increasing number of Americans, she loves the convenience and fun of online gaming.
Nor does she fly to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Im not against that personally, she explains on her Web site. The coffee boys in Caesars are very buff.