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Play the campaign for an action packed continuation of the Strike Force Heroes storyline or try your luck at the new slot machine to win. Shop and Slot Machine - Strike Force Heroes 2 Wiki. Strike Force Heroes 2-Slot Machine .

The Jackpot, however, is very hard to obtain. Even without Jackpots, Perfect weapons unusually appears with low level prizes, like this Scar, obtained with only three magnums.
It's also claimed that it has a higher chance of getting rare weapons/equipment. Price will vary from leveling up, and at level 50, the max price will be 3,000.
Strike Force Heroes 3. Edit, note: There is a rare glitch when you get a match, but the game counts it as a failed roll and you won't receive the item you would have gotten.
Strike Force Heroes 3. Edit, it's much the same as in the previous game, with similar icons and rewards. However, the Jackpot (SFH3 logo) no longer gives a cash reward, and the Special rare weapons obtained.
This can power vary from money, to custom weapons, to bad-luck items. Strike Force Heroes 2, it's claimed to be cheaper than buying items or equipment directly from the shop.
Its price still increases as you play, capping at 800. Strike Force Heroes 2, edit, so far, the only known rewards are the following: An example of getting a Bad-Luck item.
A Jackpot, which is shown with 3 golden SFH2 logos, will give you a Perfect Weapon AND a decent amount of money. If you play on Armorgames, it also gives you a medal.