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Can of worms a complicated problem 10. Carry the can See carry 37 11. (Film) (of a film, piece of music, etc) having been recorded, processed, edited, etc 12.
Bone spurs can be very painful. In this use, both can and may often have personal subjects: You may see him at the concert.
5. Slang The buttocks. 6. Slang A naval destroyer. V. Canned, canning, cans v. Tr. 1. To seal in an airtight container for future use; preserve: canning peaches.
As part of the spoken language, this use of can is google perfectly acceptable. This is especially true for negative questions, such as Can't I have the car tonight?
1. Negative forms The negative form of can is cannot or can't. Cannot is never written ' can not '. The negative form of could is could not or couldn't.
But children do not use can to ask permission out of a desire to be stubbornly perverse. They have learned it as an idiomatic expression from adults: After you clean your room, you can go outside.
Idioms: can of corn Sports Something that is easily accomplished, especially a routine catch of a fly ball in baseball. Can of worms A complex or difficult problem.
In the can Completed and ready for release, as a film or scene of a film. Middle English canne, a water container, from Old English.