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As a provider of best in class environmental monitoring solutions ChemDAQ protects workers from exposure to hazardous levels of chemical biocides in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.
Chemical Suppliers, protect your Market by Ensuring that your Chemicals Are Used Safely. Learn More, equipment Suppliers, quickly Identify and Resolve Misuse or Malfunction of Equipment or Engineering Controls.
Learn More. ChemDAQ, internet ensuring the Safe and Continued Use of Chemical Biocides. ChemDAQ ensures the continued safe use of biocidal chemicals that protect patients from Hospital Acquired infection (HAI) and consumers from foodborne illnesses.
We have had ChemDAQ systems in this Hospital for over 12 years. Our recent upgrade 3 years ago went extremely well. Installation and Support were also handled very well.
Aseptic Bottling systems also use peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the need for refrigeration of low acid beverages such as dairy products.
I would highly recommend this to any facility using gas sterilization to reprocess hospital equipment. Joseph J. Junemann, Clement J. Zablocki vamc, we have had our monitoring system from Chemdaq for a little over 6 months.
Steri-Trac environmental monitoring systems continuously monitor the air for hazardous levels of chemical vapors and gases such as Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide.
This reduces the cost of transportation and storage, saving energy that would be otherwise be required for refrigeration. Biocidal chemicals are also necessary for sterility assurance in other industries such as medical device manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.
Its not just individual workers who are at risk. The entire supply chain is put at risk if workers become sick or injured. ChemDAQs mission requires that we partner with chemical and equipment suppliers, as well.